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Planning and managing your academic career ensures you get the most out of your time at UMKC!

Using the ‘Plans’ tool in PlanMyDegree will help you create a personalized degree plan that incorporates your individual skills and interests while keeping you on-track for graduation.

Degree plans developed using the ‘Plans’ tool in PlanMyDegree are meant to be an evolving and adaptable plans for you to refine each semester as you explore interests and departments confirm course availability. To get the most out of your planning:

  1. Confirm accuracy each semester with your academic advisor(s),
  2. Update and edit your full plan to degree completion each term, and
  3. Enroll based on your plan on your priority registration date.

Resources and References for Using the ‘Plans’ tool in PlanMyDegree:

Video Tutorials

  • Additional resources to help you develop your personal degree plan:

  • UMKC Major Maps
  • UMKC Academic Catalog