UMKC Connect and Early Alert

Closing an Attendance Survey Flag

After marking a student as not attending your course:

If a student contacts you that they are attending class or making plans to attend class, you must close the flag to prevent the student from being administratively dropped from the course.

Log-in to UMKC Connect and click on the menu tab at the top left of the screen. Select Students from the dropdown choices.

Then select the Tracking tab, circled in red below. All students you have set a flag for will be listed you can scroll down the list or do a search by name to find the correct student



When you find the correct student, click on the flag symbol beside the "I missed you in Class" text. A pop-up box will appear listing the details about the flag. Click on the "Clear" tab.





You must add a comment to close the flag. A simple sentence explaining the issue and that the student is now attending class is all that is needed. You must click on the Submit tab at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

The flag must be cleared before the administrative drop date which is listed on the schedule at Attendance Survey Key Dates so that the student can be removed from the administrative drop process. After the administrative drop process is run, students will be forced to re-enroll in the course by contacting UMKC Central.