UMKC Connect and Early Alert

Completing an Administrative Attendance Survey

Getting Started - Log-in Options

You can click on the 'view surveys' link in the email sent to you on the day the survey opens. The link will take you to the UMKC Connect log-in page. After logging in the surveys will be listed at the top of your UMKC Connect home page. If the link in the email opens to a blank page, please click on the refresh window icon to finish the link connection process.


You can log-in directly into UMKC Connect, using the link at the bottom of the UMKC home page or using the link on the Canvas page left side bar under 'Help'

Opening the Survey

Surveys that are available are displayed near the top of the home page. Click on the Outstanding Progress Surveys title, circled below. If there are multiple surveys, there will be the word 'more' to the right of the title of the first survey. Click on the 'more' dropdown and all your courses with an attendance survey will be listed. You must click on each course survey to fill it out.






Please review your roster:

  1. If a student is attending class, no check mark is needed because all students are defaulted to this status. Students in this category must have completed one of the academically related activities listed under What is considered attending/participating in a course?
  2. If a student has never attended class and should possibly be administratively dropped from class, please check the box next to their name stating 'Student has never attended class. Possible administrative drop'.
    • When the survey is submitted a UMKC Connect flag will be placed on the students marked as never attending and the students will receive the first email displayed below with instructions to contact the instructor about their plans. If the student contacts you before the student is dropped and makes arrangements to attend, please close the flag in UMKC Connect. How to close a flag in UMKC Connect
    • If the flag is not closed in UMKC Connect one day after the survey closes, the financial aid office will assume the student has not attended class. A second email shown below will be sent to the student stating the student has 48 hours to contact the instructor or the student will be administratively dropped.
    • If a student contacts you after the student has been dropped from the class to make arrangements to attend class and you would like the student to re-enroll in the class, please call UMKC Central at 816-235-6000 and they will process the re-enroll.
  3. If you are aware of any student who has not yet attended a course but has made arrangements to attend the course, please check the box labeled 'not yet attended but plans to attend'. You will have an opportunity to add a comment to the students you mark in this column. The students will receive an email with this information.
  4. Please advise any student attending class whose name is not in the survey to go to the Registration and Records Office to clarify their enrollment status.