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There are lots of ways to pick a major or career. At UMKC we want that decision to be based on your unique strengths and interests. Research shows students who make informed and committed decisions are more likely to succeed and graduate college.

Mega Majors

Interests, Skills and Careers

  • Take the Journey career assessment
    Journey sessions take 20 minutes or less to ensure you consider career options and related educational options that suit your interests, skills and work values. Explore results and narrow your career goals to 5-10 favorite careers, then review skills needed for those careers.
  • If you are interested in learning more about your interests on your own, consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory, resulting in your Holland Code. It is a system used to classify jobs into job categories, interest clusters or work personality environments. For easy comparison, we have assigned a Holland Code to majors offered at UMKC.

UCollege Seminar Series

The University College Seminar Series will offer to each exploratory student the opportunity for success through the engagement with faculty and advising staff, the development of educational plans, the clarification of career and life goals, and the emphasis of the value of the core skills developed through UMKC's general education. Students enrolled in the series will earn credit for coursework that can be applied to elective hours required for graduation. In addition, seminar courses have a duration of an entire 16-week semester and a low student-to-instructor ratio to assure that productive interactions take place within a cooperative learning environment for each student..