If your son or daughter isn't sure or seem to be a mismatch for majors they are exploring, we encourage them to enter into UCollege as Exploratory. Instead of declaring a major that your student will likely change at least once, if not three times before graduation (according to research), we encourage students to enter UMKC as "exploratory" or undecided students. In University College, exploratory students will receive a higher level of support to help them identify their skills and interests, explore a variety of opportunities, and develop an educational plan that is the best fit for each individual.

Exploratory students not only have higher engagement with academic advisors with low caseloads, they also engage individually with faculty from their areas of interest during a series of seminar courses. These courses require students to take an active role in their education through systematic exploration, networking and active decision-making. University seminar instructors collaborate closely with all other academic units to provide opportunties for students to explore all educational options. Based on these experiences and their newfound knowledge of their own talents and goals, exploratory students typically enter an academic unit within two semesters ready to execute a well-developed plan for graduation and subsequent career obtainment.